We are so screwed:

Supreme Court Rolls Back Campaign Finance Restrictions

Read/Watch this: Olbermann: U.S. government for sale

I have been following this on Twitter all day. The irony is that the stupid teabaggers don't realize that they are screwed too. We all are. Real people won't have free speech any more - it will be legislated into "free speech zones" where no one hears, except our corporate overlords, who will use it against us at our next performance review.

In the next 6 - 10 years, privacy will be dead, net neutrality will be dead, consumer protections will be dead, the social safety net will be dead. We will be living in a cyberpunk nightmare, our greatest aspirations being to be allowed to toil for 18 hours a day, 6 days a week at a menial job, just to have enough food to eat and shelter. Unions? Gone. 40 hour work week. Gone. Workplace safety? Gone. EPA? Gone. Product safety? Gone? They won't worry about "public relations issues" - they'll own all of the media, all with tight DRM that has stiff, brutal jail sentences for breaking.

The only institutions that the corporations will leave standing are the evangelical churches, because they teach submission to authority so very well, and they will offer their slaves employees spiritual support for all of the hardships and sacrifices required in this hard scrabble world. It's a match made in Justice Roberts' Hell.

There are so many things that our laws and our votes as PEOPLE have protected us from by greedy, amoral corporations that we take (took) for granted. Every safety and environmental protection law, device or rule was made against the wishes of one or many corporations. People literally died in order to be allowed to form unions, to get workplace safety laws.

Now, with a stroke of a G. W. Bush appointed pen, it all goes away, and our republic with it.

I want to cry.
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( Jul. 3rd, 2009 10:06 am)
From the Pulpit: Time for a Christian Revolutionary War

This whackjob is essentially advocating a outright revolution, overthrowing the Constitution, and establishing a theocratic state like they have in Iran.

Now do you understand why I will use terms like "Christian Taliban", "American Taliban", and "Christian Mullahs" for these traitors?

The fact that this crap is published as a serious opinion in a local paper means that it is just the tip of the iceberg.

But don't just listen to me. Do a Google search on things like "dominionism", "Army of God", "Joels Army", "steeplejacking", and "christian nation".

Then check your ammo.
Dr George Tiller was gunned down in the lobby of his church by an anti-abortion terrorist today.

Yes, we have domestic terrorism. Operation Rescue, and their lunatic fringe followers, are exactly that. Same as the radical anti-gay bigots, the white supremacists, or the anti-government nutjobs. I really wish that the government would take them as seriously as they do Muslim Jihadists. The Christian Taliban deserves to be watched and arrested for their plots as much, if not more so, than the few Muslim extremists in this country.

I recommend that people who want to "do something" donate to either Planned Parenthood (protecting doctors and clinics is expensive) or the ACLU in memory of Dr. Tiller.
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( Sep. 17th, 2008 12:35 pm)
Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

I get "Knife Pile", "Still Hardrock", or "Bow NATO" - depending on which names I enter.

I have to admit, "Knife Pile" has a certain ring to it, especially considering the number of small blades in my collection.

She's still a dominionist theocrat, no matter how many apologists try to claim she isn't.
Great. McCain's pick for a veep is a rabid anti-choice traitor to her gender. The broad disapproves of abortion even in cases of rape and incest, but is running around doing politics while she has 5 kids at home, one with special needs. She probably doesn't believe in birth control on demand, either.

Yeah, she's pro-gun. I guess that's so pregnant women who don't have any other option in her forced birth universe have a final friend for when they're carrying their father's or their rapist's "love child".

She's the political equivalent of Phyllis Schafly. It's so wrong that it hurts. She is associated with a lot of theocratic, dominionist organizations, too. Fucking wonderful. Her best features? Her features! She's a former "beauty queen"! It's the equivalent of saying "a woman in office must be just attractive window dressing and a compliant breeder." Just a pretty face wing-nut ditto-head!

Want to lose Roe v Wade? Want to move back to barefoot and pregnant or coat hangers? Want more forced and unwanted kids to populate the army or drive the prison industry to being the major employer in our nation? Consider a potential life more important than someone who is already here? Want to bring yet another (semi) stealth dominionist into power? Want the cross inserted into the US flag? Vote Republican.
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( May. 30th, 2007 06:42 pm)
Because LJ has "decided" that having interests that are "illegal" is somehow a solicitation to break the law, or is not the "kind" of "community" that they want to have, I will not be updating this journal with anything but posts about the deletions, bigotry, and judgemental crap that is involved.

Quotes from LJ CEO Berkowitz on CNet:
"We did a review of our policies related to how we review those sites, those journals, and came up with the fact that we actually did have a number of journals up that we didn't think met our policies and didn't think they were appropriate to have up," Barak Berkowitz, chairman and chief executive of Six Apart, said in a telephone interview.


"Our decision here was not based on pure legal issues. It was based on what community we want to build and what we think is appropriate within that community and what's not."
--Barak Berkowitz, chairman and CEO, Six Apart

This kind of knee-jerk, bigoted, "sanitization" of the LJ environment by daddy-knows-best corporate jerks turns my stomach. The fact that they bowed down and kissed the ass of dominionist, "Joels Army" type fundamentalist scum like WfI is just appalling!

Saying fanfic containing torture of villians or underage sex is promoting torture and pedophilia is like saying murder mysteries are manuals for murder. Dumb.
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( Apr. 8th, 2007 07:46 pm)
Official prayers in schools or at school events.
Ten commandments in courthouses and other government offices.
Handouts of (Christianist) religious literature in schools.
School field trips to religious revivals.
"Intelligent Design" in science classes.
Science and history texts being reviewed by thinly disguised religious bodies.
"Abstinence Only" as the standard for sex education.
Antiabortion terrorists being lauded and barely pursued.
"BattleCry" and other teen recruiting methods built around base emotion and violent imagery.
Pharmacists getting away with not doing their jobs because of "religious objections."
"Defense" of marriage initiatives and amendments, designed to deny rights to gays.
Gay bashing, discrimination and family rejection.
"Culture Wars" - waged by Christianists and their god warriors on the rest of us.
Police, teachers and fire department people judged to not meet "morals" standards, even if their activities are lawful.
Politicians derided as "not Christian enough".
Politicians who must parade their faith in order to get elected.
Churches and corporations teaming up to lobby.
Christianist wedge issue license plates, but no Jewish or Pagan ones.
Increasing emphasis in the corporate media on females who have lots of kids, and the whole "family friendly society" thing.
The constant crap about woman == mother even in the online world.
"Decency" laws and rules in the damnedest places.
Omnipresent Christian "witness" and Christianism in the military.
High ranking Generals making Christianist statements.
Series of books like "Left Behind".
Games where you have to convert or shoot the unbelievers - targeted at kids.
Eliminationist political blowhards and hypocrites like Coulter and Limbaugh getting serious discussions of what are essentially vicious crackpot ideas.
Bible quoting US Attorneys.
Companies that kowtow to Christianist groups like AFA.
Companies that have religious type hiring criteria.

I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten.

The point is, the military-industrial-religious complex wants to rule our nation. Are you going to sit back and let them??
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( Apr. 6th, 2007 12:06 pm)
How would you like to live in a country where your religion was dictated by the government? Where the government took all of its laws and mandates from the tenets of a very restrictive sect?

Whether you actually believed it or not, you would have to live by the strict tenets and conduct rules of that religion, including in private personal matters, or risk your job, your home, and even your life.

You could partake no entertainment that was not approved, and deemed "appropriate" for all upstanding citizens, including children. Anything deemed obscene or blasphemous would be censored or outright banned from the entire country.

If you were even believed to engage in certain sorts of activities, you could be executed by a mob of "believers", without even trial. Even if you had a trial and "proved" your innocence (no, they don't have to prove you guilty, you have to prove your innocence), you would be forever tainted by the accusation, and under suspicion until the day you died.

You would be suspect of moral turpitude if you did not make public demonstration of adherence to the dominant religion. Every utterance that you made would be suspect, and might get you sent to a re-indoctrination center, exorcism, revival or whatever that religion used to retrain and reinforce it's "one true way".

You very body would be viewed as not your own, but put to the service of that religion and it's life script. Any misgivings would be sternly admonished, and any rebellion or refusal would result in "legal" action against you and any who aided you.

Your relationships, from your parents, to your friends, to your romance, would be forced into the accepted mold. Your marriage would be set in stone, all of your actions would be scripted.

If you were a woman, your body would be seen as a vessel for the continuance of the ranks of the faithful, and as the "reward" to the man your were paired with. Your tasks in life would be proscribed according to the tenets of the religion, whether you were suited for them or not. Any rebellion could get you murdered.

Individuality would be suffocated under the veil of adherence to the religion. What you could read or learn would be controlled from the earliest age by the tenets of the religion. Children would not even learn of anything different, only the religion and its dogma.

Sound like Afghanistan? Maybe. But it's actually what the Radical Religious Right wants: Dominionism, Theonomy, or Christian Reconstructionism. Anyone with half a clue sees it for what it is - an attempt to overthrow the US Constitution and put a totalitarian theocracy in its place.

Think it's impossible? Google on things like "US Marriage Amendment", "US Abortion Law", "US Pornography Censorship", "Intelligent Design Science", "Public Ten Commandments", "US Internet Gambling Restriction", "War on Drugs". Thirty years ago the proponents of crap like this would have been laughed at, or slapped down hard. We have right wing pundits, talk show mouths, and bloggers (all of whom who have the gall to try to call themselves journalists) calling for the execution of gays, adulterers, and liberals (and non-"Christians"). These yammerheads would have been laughed out of the public arena 25 years ago, or put on an FBI watch list as dangerous subversives. Now these people are given mainstream media airtime, and are making traction in local councils and school boards!

By me, if you need a holy book or preacher to tell you right from wrong, you are morally deficient. If you feel the need to enact your religious dogma as law, you are a menace. I support the US Bill of Rights - All Ten Amendments!!!
When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

The Congress of the United States passed the "Military Commissions Act of 2006"
1) authorizing detention without judicial review of persons
2) designated "enemy combatants" by the executive branch, again without judicial review or requirements for clear criteria,
3) applies a very much narrowed definition of torture, and essentially repudiates the Geneva convention,
4) eliminates accountability for past violations of laws on torture and illegal detention, and
5) the bill itself forbits judicial review of itself.

The Democrats, fearing A rethuglican smear campaign for being "soft of terror", rolled over and played dead. The republicans put aside any pretense of objection for the same reason. Now our own government is in a greater position to "legally" cause terror (extrajudicial detention, torture, extraordinary rendition, "disappearances", etc.) within this country to our own citizens than all of Al Queda combined!

When they waterboarded the detainees,
The senate said nothing,
For they were just "enemy combatants".

When they come for you and me,
The senate will still be silent,
For fear of Karl Rove's political hit squads.

This is the equivalent, in the modern era, of the first of the Nuremberg Laws. It essentially denies the humanity, and thus the rights, of anyone designated by the fickle executive to be an "enemy combatant" ('enemy of the state' is the 1930's term).

BTW, this rapes the shit out of the IVth, Vth, VIth, and VIII Amendments. Then again, the rethuglicans have shat all over the First, Fourth, and Fifth for years now. Also, they only pay lip service to the Second - the Katrina debacle showed us that.

Well, yet another Republican operative has dispayed her true colors as a wannabe theocrat: Harris Clarifies Comments on Religion. If you read the article, the "clarification" is merely a mealy-mouthed restatement of the theocrat position. Here's another: Harris Calls Church, State Separation 'A Lie'.

If you want to be really ill, you can find the original interview, in all of it's flaming bigotry, here.

She later said that she didn't mean to offend anyone, "My comments were specifically directed toward a Christian group," -- Harris attempts to defuse controversy. Great. To me, that means that they were supposed to keep the secret, so they wouldn't "offend" any of us while they took over our nation and warped our goverment!! Keep everyone else in the dark and fed bullshit until the theocracy was a fait accompli!

Now, I have to admit, it's nice of one of them to finally state unambiguously what most of them believe. You see, the criticism within her own party seems to be along the lines of "gee, don't say that." Now, one of her opponents was a little more forthright, but others aren't. This little gem represents one of the typical backpedalinds by her fellow Christian Republicans:
Ruby Brooks, a veteran Tampa Bay Republican activist, said Harris's remarks "were offensive to me as a Christian and a Republican."

"This notion that you've been chosen or anointed, it's offensive," Brooks said. "We hurt our cause with that more than we help it."
-- Rep. Harris Condemns Separation of Church, State

Is this the type of person and party we want governing our pluralistic society? This person "certified" the dubious 2000 Florida ballot, which indirectly led us to having the worst government that this country has seen since the depression. Hell, even Nixon did more good in the international sphere than baby Bush has.

Now, I agree that religious people need to be involved in politics. This nation has a variety of deeply held religious beliefs, and these inform our consciences, and our duty to our fellow human beings. But I don't see legislating against gays, abortion, fair use or a social safety net to be in line with that concept.

When people insist on writing legislation to make an entire secular, pluralistic nation follow only the dictates of some of the most repressive theocratic regimes of the Old Testament, they are not carrying out their duty to their fellows. They are carrying out a misguided "mandate" from a long dead era, one that their own religion has deprecated!

Until these barbarians can be educated on their own religion with the meaning of the words spoken by their own "savior", they need to be relegated to the dustbin of politics. They and their hatred have no place in a pluralistic society and constitutional republic.

(also posted on my blogger blog)

Here's an even more in-depth critique of her crap
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( Mar. 7th, 2006 04:40 pm)
From a mailing list I read -

Some would say that religion should invade politics to save it, but I think anything that touches politics just comes away dirty. - DM
I am so glad I'm spayed!!

Seriously, folks, if you don't like abortion, don't have one! But butt the fuck out of someone else's control over their own life and body!! Your damned religion isn't binding on the rest of the fucking world!

You know, if every time a kid died of abuse or neglect, the father had his nuts cut off, I bet abortion would become a sacrament. I bet if every time a kid who was born when the mother was underage got convicted of a crime, the father of the kid and the father of the girl had their nuts cut off, it would be a holy rite.

Do you know why crime started dropping (and they started making more things criminal to keep the jail guards working) in the 90s? Roe v Wade in the 70s enabled lots of poor, unwed, desperate girls to abort the kids who would otherwise be today's criminals. And yes, I'm talking about white, black, hispanic and everything else.

Yes, the abortion restrictions that are coming down the pipe will screw over poor and minority girls the most. Where else are the wealthy white male rethuglicans and religious reich goons going to get their docile "saved" cannon fodder? Yep, the desperate poor. The army is always a better bet than starving. Even if you get dead, you at least had a meal in the last day, and the government pays for your burial. If you drink the salvation koolaid, you get the snazzy house in the hereafter.

They have to make sure that their new hordes of hungry poor don't get too much education, though. So they make sure to whack funding for fair, thorough, secular education past a minimal ability to read a recruiting brochure, along with the ability to get an abortion, and eventually birth control or information about pregnancy prevention. After all, they can't learn anything but what the masters want them to.

This is only partly about race, but more about class, wealth, and priviledge. Rich, white, conservative men are the only ones who stand to gain. Poor men, and all women are screwed. Not only that, but even if you are a white guy, unless your daddy was rich and wanted you, you're still going to be fucked.


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