I'm glad I never lived in the dorms. Some days my fellow humans make me cry...

Rutgers, Friends and Family of Tyler Clementi Mourn Suicide

just because I didn't kill myself, doesn't mean I didn't feel like I was dying

This type of shit is unusual in its absence, not in its presence. It's the bullying that all gay, bi and trans kids go through, even now. More if they're fat and/or geek - it's additive, not either/or.

Most turn it inward. Many die by their own hand. Some turn it outward.
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( Jun. 8th, 2007 07:41 pm)
Someone on my f-list just got the sack because of public work stuff in his blog. Sucks, but it does remind me of the rules I follow to keep from getting sacked over my blogging:
  1. always f-lock your work posts
  2. always anonymize company, customer, product and location ala $company, $customer, etc
  3. always anonymize names or identifiable people
  4. if possible, blog under a pseudonym
  5. be sure to be aware of your company's policies on talking about them on the web.
Shit stays on the web forever. I've been burned before on email lists.
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( May. 30th, 2007 06:42 pm)
Because LJ has "decided" that having interests that are "illegal" is somehow a solicitation to break the law, or is not the "kind" of "community" that they want to have, I will not be updating this journal with anything but posts about the deletions, bigotry, and judgemental crap that is involved.

Quotes from LJ CEO Berkowitz on CNet:
"We did a review of our policies related to how we review those sites, those journals, and came up with the fact that we actually did have a number of journals up that we didn't think met our policies and didn't think they were appropriate to have up," Barak Berkowitz, chairman and chief executive of Six Apart, said in a telephone interview.


"Our decision here was not based on pure legal issues. It was based on what community we want to build and what we think is appropriate within that community and what's not."
--Barak Berkowitz, chairman and CEO, Six Apart

This kind of knee-jerk, bigoted, "sanitization" of the LJ environment by daddy-knows-best corporate jerks turns my stomach. The fact that they bowed down and kissed the ass of dominionist, "Joels Army" type fundamentalist scum like WfI is just appalling!

Saying fanfic containing torture of villians or underage sex is promoting torture and pedophilia is like saying murder mysteries are manuals for murder. Dumb.
Without Housing: Decades of Federal Housing Cutbacks, Massive Homelessness, and Policy Failures

Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP), a coalition of west coast social justice-based homelessness organizations, has released a report that documents how more than 25 years of federal funding trends for affordable housing have created the contemporary crisis of homelessness and near-homelessness. The report was released in San Francisco on November 14, 2006 at 12 noon, at the Philip Burton Federal Building, 450 Golden Gate Avenue, in conjunction with release events in 7 other cities ranging from Seattle, Washington to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Thoroughly documented using federal budget data and other sources, Without Housing presents this data with passion and vitality, and uses artwork to give life to the words and data to express the pain and frustration experienced by real human beings abandoned by a federal government more concerned with the profits of corporations than with the well-being of its poorest people.


An LJ friend of mine worked on this report. As someone who has friends who have been homeless, I think it's a needed wakeup call to all levels of government.


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