Shattered Citadel is a universe developed by a guy I game with.

Starting in the near future, the story arc posits a WW3, The Great Human Civil War, from 2025-2077. Then, after that war ends, mankind fresh from it and the Succession Wars must confront a new alien threat.

There are both short and medium length stories, videos, and even fan fiction.
I enjoy this, but seldom have the inclination or cash to buy in.

Well, for this one, Stained, I have the inclination, but not the cash.

But hey, I can at least point other people to it so they can enjoy...

Oh, the first payday on the new job won't be until the 25th...

There are others, as well, and I really should highlight them now and again.
Machine Gun Fairies, Part IV (part I, part II, part III)
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Machine Gun Fairies, Part III (part I, part II)
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Machine Gun Fairies, II (yes, there's more...)
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( Sep. 21st, 2010 08:35 pm)
Blame [ profile] karnythia for this one, by tagging people with "None of their bed time stories prepared them for fairies wielding machine guns and an evil witch out to save the world."

Machine Gun Fairies
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So, we were running low on chow, we had gotten no happy fun missions from the higher ups, and our area was fairly quiet. So, bring the worst troublemakers most subject to boredom individuals on the hunt. Read more... )
The more I think about it, the more those REMFs bug me. Read more... )
Hmmmm. Seems as if I need to find a different way to designate entries. This one is way too short for a whole chapter.

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Triggered by this.

Ages ago, I had a dream sequence, and part of it related to "pulling wings off of fairies".


The war had gone on for ages now. No one remembered the start, or why, anymore. The trees, the vines, the land itself were all chosing sides. Read more... )


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