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( Apr. 14th, 2013 04:10 pm)
It cost me $564 to get my taxes done this year, because of DOMA and Prop 8. If those two things weren't there, I'd make an honest woman of DataWolf, and do the (joint) taxes myself for a cost of ~$150.
The Real Boston Tea Party was Against the Wal-Mart of the 1770s

Yep, a rebellion against taxation of small business and individuals while giant multinational corporations were exempt from taxes.

If entity A doesn't pay taxes, and you do, you are being taxed, they are not - even if they have just been given an exemption from the taxes. When corporate entities weasel out of paying their fair share for the infrastructure and services they use, including the education of its workforce, you have the same situation.

I've worked for large companies, and will again. However, the bigger they are, the more cumbersome and rigid they become. Like the water empires of old, when they reach their limit of effective communication and coordination, they start grinding themselves, and their employees, apart from inside. The smart ones splinter into smaller, nimbler businesses, just leaving a core "holding company" to deal with the stockholders. The dumb ones, even if they splinter, don't know when to get rid of their unproductive units, because the spread of bullshit is so thick its hard to see when they're in trouble before its too late.

Now, any politicians who are owned by these company's lobbyists are just as bad. They pass laws and regulations essentially written by the industry they are intended to regulate, leaving the public on the short end of the stick. The bankruptcy "reform" a few years ago was little more than a credit company ("bank") wish list. It did nothing to help individual citizens, just fake people called corporations.

If I had my way, there would be no corporate "personhood" without the ability to, in a court, try and convict the corporation, and "sentence" it to "jail" (business and employment moratorium in the US) or "death" (dissolution and collection of its assets and intellectual property by the state). Also, the corporate charter would be for a fixed period of 50 years, just like a person's working life is from about 18 to 67.

The balance of power needs to be restored, and if the Democrats can't let loose of the corporate teat long enough to do it, and restore real accountability to our government and economy, we'll have to found a real alternative party, one that doesn't dance to the tune played by religious fanatics and corporations, andmake the changes needed.

The real culture war is the one that the corporations are waging on the common man. The religious conservatives are just cannon fodder, being fed propaganda from corporate funded pulpits and media whores.
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( Apr. 15th, 2009 08:22 pm)
Screw you.

Seriously, your man Bush spent us into this hole, all the while cutting services and infrastructure. His guy Paulson wanted us to bail out the fucking banks without any oversight at all on where the money was going.

The Republican administrations have all been "Borrow and Spend", "Fuck You, I've Got Mine", and "Contract On America". So now our education sucks (No Child Gets Ahead), our infrastructure is crumbling, and the banks, insurance companies and their fucking lobbyists are running the country into the ground.

Seriously, you rich fucks don't pay enough tax. Waah, Waah, your top tax rate will go up. It's still less than you paid under your tinkle-down Republican savior Reagan. I want the top rate to go back to that, so we can fucking pay for the fucking war your guy started (you know, the liar Bush's war in Iraq.)

Yes, I will pay more tax. I already do, since you bigoted shitheads put Prop 8 in place - I can't get married except to some dick I don't want to marry, so I have to file as "single", but have the expenses of married, head of household. Not to mention the mess California has made of its budget, and consequent increase in sales tax (the most regressive kind there is) since the yuppies and fat cats didn't want their yachts and private jets taxed.

So yeah, teabaggers, I don't want to see any of you pussy-faced whiners taking any stimulus money, including COBRA assistance or extended unemployment. Hell, don't drive on any of the fixed roads, either. You see, that where that oh, so horrid spending is going - right back into America's pockets, not overseas to Iraq on shrink-wrapped pallets of cash. Here, into the U S of A, not some defense contractor headquartered int the Cayman island that farms its jobs out overseas, or imports indentured scabs to take work away from citizens and green card holders.

So STFU, lilly-white "protesters" - you really have nothing to complain about. The Neo-Con party is over, and we all have to pay the fucking bill, especially the rich fucks. You can pay it on tax day, happily, or you can pay it by madame guillotine. I really don't care which.

The Democratic Congress and Administration have to do "Tax and Repay" to fix the mess your Republican hacks made. Deal with it, whiners. You had your turn, now it's ours.
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( Apr. 3rd, 2009 04:00 pm)
Lawmaker sees Fannie, Freddie bonus "insult"

When are these fucking jackasses going to get it:
If a company loses money, and has to be bailed out, no bonuses should be paid, period. They're lucky to still have jobs!

Retention? So what? These fucking entitled people should just be glad they still have a company to work for. That's their retention bonus from us, the taxpayer. We don't need to give them extra to convince them to stay. There are plenty of people willing to take their jobs from all the banks that have failed.

In every other sector, if your company loses money, you don't get any performance or retention bonuses. The only bonus you get is being spared the layoff axe. What the fuck makes these vultures think they are so fucking special that they should get bonuses on the taxpayer dime just for not quitting?

Seriously, if the manufacturing sector can rip up union contracts to avoid bankruptcy, then these jackals can rip up their precious bonus contracts for their pampered employees. Seriously, banks, it's time to put on your big kid panties and suck up the pain like the rest of us have been for years.
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( Mar. 16th, 2009 10:31 am)
These guys have chutzpah. Bailout upon bailout, but they pay "retention bonuses" to the same whackadoodle traders in phony paper (Credit Default Swaps, securitized mortgages) that caused this mess. Then they take the bailout money and pay foreign banks and Golman Sachs (a very politically connected bank, especially with Republicans.)

The thing that chaps my butt is the payouts to foreign banks. Why the fucks should American taxpayers be essentially bailing out foreign banks that got greedy and bought crap? Caveat Emptor, fuckers. We are taking the hit, both in our investment portfolios (most 401Ks have junk CDOs and CDSs in them), and in our taxpayer debt.

We are NOT bailing out the entire fucking world, damnit! We can't afford it!


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