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( Jan. 8th, 2014 09:54 pm)
Unemployed, but at least I qualify for unemployment, which will cover the mortgage for six months. I just need to come up with the other $3000/month operating expenses, including COBRA at over $1200/mo. I will have to liquidate my stock in my old company, but I won't lose money on the deal. If I didn't have that reserve, I'd be terrified right now. As it is, I'm quietly panicking - I'm 52, and Silicon Valley is ageist as hell. Datapard hasn't even been able to get temp work for over 4 years.

I have had phone screens and interviews since the day after I was let go. Unfortunately, it's still an employers market (thank you, GOP) and they want the usual laundry list of every specific little program in their environment. Some of them even call me about contract opportunities at my previous employer!

Fighting the winter unemployed blues, but doing OK if I remember to take my supplements, especially vitamin D3.

I still need to put the new power supply in my Linux desktop (the original blew last July) and unload the half dozen or so blog posts and stories that are trying to burst out of my brain. I can't do them on my laptop because it would aggravate my RSIs too much. I may need to take the Windoze netbook and see if it will run Dragon Dictate or something.

My health is okay, but I really need to get a new neuro to get an updated sleep study and script for Imitrex.

Because I have had high (as in above $600) utility bills, I did qualify for zero down solar. Considering how much the PG&E rates have been ratcheting up in the last few years, locking in my rate increases on half my utility costs to 2.9%/year is a good deal - it flattens my cost curve a lot. Plus, if I overproduce, I can sell to the grid, which actually helps stabilize the grid on hot days. I had said when I owned this place I wanted solar, now it's going to happen. Still need $$$ to do painting and other repairs. If I get work in the new two months, I can use the liquidated stock for house repairs.
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( Dec. 23rd, 2013 01:29 am)
Got back from a business trip to India. Was let go two weeks later. They were "cutting underperformers" - so bad reviews from the shitty, bully boss I had last year were used to fire me, even though my current team was quite happy with my work and are now unhappy that I am gone.

I got my latest PG&E bill on Saturday. $993!!! When I changed the account into my name we lost the medical baseline, and neither I or the other person has been able to see the doctor to get certified.

Happy Solstice. I've been out of work for two weeks. Have a nice fucking Giftmas to the assholes behind the cuts. I hope I hear about it when you get yours.

Being now unemployed, my plans for WorldCon in Reno are in ruins. This sucks because it was going to be a belated birthday shindig for both DataPard and I.

However, being a financially responsible person, I haven't got the $1300+ to go: $390 for memberships, $134 for trainfare, and well over $745 for hotel (5 days at $149, plus tax), and that doesn't even count food and spending cash. That's easily a month's cushion for paying my actual bills and rent (unemployment doesn't pay it all.)

Now, if I get a job by my birthday (July 14) that pays my usual rate, I might be able to swing it. But I am not reserving any rooms, booking any train rides, or buying membership until I have the job.

Also, I will only be attending WesterCon for a day or two, unless my dealer friends are willing to sponsor DataPard and I as helpers, which I doubt - they have family for that.

So if you don't see us, that's why: I can't spend money on cons when I'm broke. I'm too midwestern pragmatic for that.

For those of you who are going, have fun, and say hello to my friends for me.
This man (I use the term loosely here) is fucking scum. Anyone who is a fan of his can remove themselves from my reading list/friends page, and my life. Here's just a small part of why: Rush Limbaugh thinks hungry children should "dumpster dive" for their dinner Ha Ha, funny guy, just an entertainer, who the GO(B)P that wants to run the USA bows and scrapes to.

"Let them eat cake", or Ding Dongs magically appearing in the cupboards of the often non-existent kitchen.

With the attitudes of the political elites and their corporatist and bankster masters, I wonder how long before we end up with the American version of Madame Guillotine.

Give me my Constitution, sans corporate personhood and extended copyright, back. Restore the social contract that made America great!
Tenth Foxconn Worker Kills Himself

Foxconn "Suicide Cluster" Claims Another Victim - #9.

Undercover Report From Foxconn's Hell Factory

Yes, FoxConn, the libertarian idea of a workers paradise.

Do you really need that Chinese made gadget? How much blood and suffering has bought it?
Me to EDD:
...I KNOW I am not eligible for a *new* claim, I should be on the second federal extension. I do not know why a new claim "was filed", nor by who or what, but it was an error, and not by me. I need to be properly routed into the second federal extension. How do I get this done?

EDD reply:
Your prior claim expired and a new claim needs to be filed. When a claim
expires, a new claim is filed. If eligible for a valid new claim, the
Federal Extension stops and benefits will be based from the new valid
claim. However, if you are not eligible on the new claim, it still has
to be filed as an invalid claim to continue receiving the Federal
Extension. A new claim will be attempted to be filed every quarter.
Thank you.

In short, if you are eligible for a new claim, it restarts the cycle and extensions, but probably at a lower rate. But it has to be checked every quarter, then denied, to continue on the federal extensions.

The EDD web site does not tell you this, so you get a lot of stress you don't need.
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( Sep. 17th, 2009 12:03 pm)

So, as you might remember, the feral momma that we haven't been able to trap yet had yet another litter. Well, this time she had it in the downstairs portion of the back building.

Last night, [community profile] raindrops and [profile] vflig caught three of the kittens without a trap. This morning, [profile] vflig and I caught number four. Two grey tabbies and two solid grey (possibly dilute torties). So now we have 4 of the cutest little kittens, and the trap again set for mama.

In other news, I'm now officially part of the idle poor underclass. I drank a bottle of raspberry wine before noon. It was my severeal servings of fruit for the day, don'cha know...
I was going through my email, and noticed that someone had purchased a seed account for me! I checked, and yep, it's there!

♥ To whoever it is, thank you!! ♥


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