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( Jul. 5th, 2010 07:39 pm)
I understand their suicides are up to 12 now at the plant that makes the Apple crap. Aren't you happy to support that?
I've worked with various non-profit and volunteer organizations for years. I've also worked in the corporate world for years, in both large and small companies, as a permanent employee and as a temporary and contract worker. One of the things I do best is get a good, solid understanding for an organization's culture and structure, it's "zen", if you will. I was one of the first to start using the term "drain circler" in my professional parlance.
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So, this last weekend we went to a Sew, Craft and Quilt show. I hoped we'd find some bargains on fabric - you know, below the $5.99 - $9.99 a yard that the fabric stores are charging as regular price for plain cotton single side prints and solids. Seriously, I have a gut level aversion to paying more than $4/yard for a single-sided light-weight cotton print that really has no great artistic "zing". It may be cute, but seldom is anything $10 + per yard cute. $8/yard is about my limit if it is well done and has metallic inclusions. Don't even try to get to look at "licensed" media stuff.
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Waaah, waaah, waaah! Ebooks are tooo cheeeeep! We big publishers don't make enough money on them, waaaaah! We insisted on DRM because we're sure that all customers are really thieves, but wonder why the customer doesn't want to pay more than $10 for an ebook! It must be all that eeeeeevil Amazon's fault, blame them, waaaah!

Really, that's what I'm hearing, and it's disgusting. In a "free market" that all these publishers say they believe in, price is set by what people are willing to pay, not by what it allegedly costs.
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People all over the blogosphere have been piling on Amazon about them going nuclear in response to Macmillan telling them that it (Macmillan) wants to set prices for Macmillan titles sold as ebooks. They call Amazon a bully, and take Macmillan's side, "of course Macmillan has a monopoly on their content", blah, blah, blah.

I heartily disagree, and that's putting it mildly.

First, some basics.
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( Sep. 22nd, 2008 12:48 pm)
The more I read about the details of this fucking bailout plan, the less I like it.

Yeah, if there's no bailout, the markets will crash, and the world will be very unhappy. BUT, any bailout will just reward the very people who've fucked us all over for years, with fantasy investment products and phony paper.

The people who perpetrated this fraud must pay the price, not have their pockets re-lined with taxpayer money after they've squandered investor capital.

This Jane Q Taxpayer wants all of those fancy pants brokers and shills and their CEOs to be out of work. These investment and credit bankers have beggared a generation of Americans, made us into a nation of debtors, sold us a bill of goods and then made it harder to start over with bankruptcy.

Actions have consequences, damnit, and the Paulson plan plain SUCKS!!!

No bailout without these items:
  1. Strong congressional oversight - no closed door deals.
  2. Equity for taxpayer cash - no equity stake in the company, no bailout money.
  3. Salary caps for executives of any company receiving federal funds - they get federal assistance, they get GS pay.
  4. Firms under bailout/restructuring can't dispense golden parachutes - standard severance of 1 week's pay for year of service.
  5. All non-real securities are deprecated and not sold - futures, derivatives, anything that requires an MBA to see the actual, hard value in.

Pass these 5 around.
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( Jun. 8th, 2007 07:41 pm)
Someone on my f-list just got the sack because of public work stuff in his blog. Sucks, but it does remind me of the rules I follow to keep from getting sacked over my blogging:
  1. always f-lock your work posts
  2. always anonymize company, customer, product and location ala $company, $customer, etc
  3. always anonymize names or identifiable people
  4. if possible, blog under a pseudonym
  5. be sure to be aware of your company's policies on talking about them on the web.
Shit stays on the web forever. I've been burned before on email lists.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2007 02:02 pm)
OK. I'm fairly certain that Six Apart (6A) is preparing for either an IPO or an acquisition. This means potentially continuing crackdowns on various types of unpopular expression to look good for investors (either stockholders or publicly held corporation).

I often write about unpopular stuff: anti-neo-con politics, paganism, glbt issues, dominionism exposure, childfreedom, workplace idiocy, sf&f conventions, and a lot of other crap. I also write about stuff like my health, job, household, finances, issues, kittens and random rants. Most of this stuff is not public, but FO (friends only) or a subset of FO.

So, I have two choices:
1) Go ahead and resume normal blogging, without doing any self-censorship, accepting the very real risk that 6A or whoever owns them will suddenly decide that I am PNG on their servers for some dumbass reason.
2) Abandon my permanent account and friends list here to stake my claim elsewhere (with the attendant service issues), maybe trying to turn this journal into some sort of feed showing the new one?

Either way I could lose something, IMO.

I'm inclined toward number one - because leaving seems like giving in to the Mrs Grundy's of the world. If anything, I may make *more* of my edgy rants and pontification public. I also plan to do more frequent backups.

Also, if 6A gets acquired or goes IPO, I can try to get stock, as long as the company is publicly traded. While I'm not rich, I do have a small portfolio that needs diversification. I tend to be a long term oriented investor.

What do *you* think?
Investigative reporting, putting puzzle pieces together, here. ETA: updated version HERE

Now, if LJ tries to go IPO, how do those of us with cash get enough stock to make a difference??

ETA: if it waits a few months, I should be able to put $500 or more into it.


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