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( Nov. 11th, 2008 02:57 pm)
Of the five people living in my house, three are veterans. Many, many of my friends have served. Some are now gone.

They've served in Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc), Europe (Serbia peacekeepers, etc), and South America in Reagan's dirty secret wars. They've served on sea and on land. Some carry mental scars, some carry physical scars, all have memories of a different kind of reality. Even "peacetime" service is hazardous - and can get you killed. Some of them have used their weapons for real, and were the ones left standing.

I want my meatspace friends and my net friends to know that I, at least, appreciate what it takes to step up and serve our country. While I may disagree with various wars, "police actions", and "training missions", I won't say nasty things about those who did their duty and went. I save that for the faceless bureaucrats and politicians that think that military lives are cheap, an "easy" resource to use.

I hope President-elect Obama returns our military to what it should be - a force for honorably defending our country, not a force for petty wars and internal suppression. The military should only be deployed when all of the diplomatic options are exhausted. The National Guard should be returned to it's proper use - home defense and disaster services - not a pool of bodies to just throw into the maw of a illegal war.

I won't recite names, there are too many, and I don't want to leave anyone out. But know that I remember, and respect, where you've gone and what you've done for our country.
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( Sep. 11th, 2007 09:30 am)
Six years ago, this country came together, united against a vile brand of fanaticism. The world was with us as well.

In the six years since:
  1. the Bush administration has fumbled and failed in Afghanistan (half-assed is a charitable description) and lied us into an unwinnable, unconstitutional war in Iraq.

  2. the neocons and religious reich has stepped up their language of hatred toward everyone who dares disagree, or dares to be different - language that has let to violence by wing nuts, but they won't call their own kooks "domestic terrorists" - they reserve that for those who respect the rule of law and human rights.

  3. the Bush administration, with collusion from their tame or terrorized lap dogs in Congress, has used the Constitution as toilet paper, and sneered at the rule of law, while appointing judges whose interpretation of the Bill of Rights is driven solely by their religious and political ideology.

  4. the US has gone from a proud nation struggling to survive after the Republican Contract on America, to a torn apart and cynical nation bled white and torn apart by corporations, evangelical megachurches and a government led by those who would "drown (a government of the people) in the bathtub".

  5. the Bush administration has presided over one of the worst disasters and humanitarian failures toward our own citizens when it left New Orleans and other southern cities to rot without aid after Katrina.

  6. the Bush adminstration has wantonly squandered the goodwill of most of the planet, and in doing so assured that we are less secure, more at risk, from both external and internal threats than we were the Sept 10, 2001.

  7. the Bush adminstration, and it's bootlicker syncophants in Congress, have turned us from a nation which respected treaties and significant human rights like the Geneva Convention, to a pile of scumbag who do things like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

This is only a partial list. I am so angry, not just at bin Laden and his fanatical ilk, but at the callous neocons and terrorist wannabes of the religious right, that I can't see straight.

The more I see what has followed on, the more I find out about what was planned before all of this occurred, the more fearmongering and bogus "alerts", the more conveniently timed "broadcasts" by bin Laden (with a dyed beard?? - Bzzzt! not an Islamic tradition - grey is revered!), the more I wonder who exactly bin Laden is working for, and I start to pay more attention to the conspiracy theorists.

I am counting the days until BushCo leaves office. If they try to engineer an "extension", this country *will* have a civil war. I halfway expect them to be that cynical, manipulative, and spiteful toward the people of this country.

Me? I want my country back - not this propagandized proto-theocracy they're trying to turn it into.
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( Aug. 24th, 2006 01:39 pm)
"Beautiful Dead Girls". They are seldom mentioned in the press, but they do the work too.

Fuck you, George Bush, and all of your crowd. Because of all the boys and girls. Why couldn't you have settled for a blow job?
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( Feb. 9th, 2006 03:43 pm)
Now here's something I can agree with: Operation Yellow Elephant.

If you support the Afghanistan/Iraq/Iran/Syria actions, and are eligible for service (healthy, clean record, and under 40), you need to volunteer to help fight it. The Army is very shorthanded, and as a consequence burning people out with back-to-back tours in the combat zone. This is not a positive step toward victory and stability in those regions.

If you are not eligible to actively serve, then you can still encourage your friends and relatives that are to enlist, and help support returning disabled veterans as they return to civilian life. It's a patriotic duty, to put you life, time and/or money where your mouth is.
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( Nov. 11th, 2005 02:48 pm)
For those who served in all of our wars, justified or otherwise, thank you. Living, dead, or somewhere in between, I still say thank you. Without you stepping up and doing what is asked for, we wouldn't necessarily be free enough to debate whether a war was justified or not.

Even now, we're making more battle scarred and wounded veterans. For those politicians who treat our military and veterans like throwaway cheesburger wrappers - fuck you. Chickenhawks get a front row seat in the hell of choice of the nearest veteran, IMO. War is not a game, with little pieces to move around on a board for fun and profit. Wars should be swift, terrible, necessary, and very, very rare.

I wonder, now, where are the parades we used to have?


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