We are so screwed:

Supreme Court Rolls Back Campaign Finance Restrictions

Read/Watch this: Olbermann: U.S. government for sale

I have been following this on Twitter all day. The irony is that the stupid teabaggers don't realize that they are screwed too. We all are. Real people won't have free speech any more - it will be legislated into "free speech zones" where no one hears, except our corporate overlords, who will use it against us at our next performance review.

In the next 6 - 10 years, privacy will be dead, net neutrality will be dead, consumer protections will be dead, the social safety net will be dead. We will be living in a cyberpunk nightmare, our greatest aspirations being to be allowed to toil for 18 hours a day, 6 days a week at a menial job, just to have enough food to eat and shelter. Unions? Gone. 40 hour work week. Gone. Workplace safety? Gone. EPA? Gone. Product safety? Gone? They won't worry about "public relations issues" - they'll own all of the media, all with tight DRM that has stiff, brutal jail sentences for breaking.

The only institutions that the corporations will leave standing are the evangelical churches, because they teach submission to authority so very well, and they will offer their slaves employees spiritual support for all of the hardships and sacrifices required in this hard scrabble world. It's a match made in Justice Roberts' Hell.

There are so many things that our laws and our votes as PEOPLE have protected us from by greedy, amoral corporations that we take (took) for granted. Every safety and environmental protection law, device or rule was made against the wishes of one or many corporations. People literally died in order to be allowed to form unions, to get workplace safety laws.

Now, with a stroke of a G. W. Bush appointed pen, it all goes away, and our republic with it.

I want to cry.
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