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( Jan. 1st, 2008 06:09 pm)
Well, with the Macy's giftcard my Dad sent me, I got something useful.

You see, I finally have started to internalize "I have enough clothes" (I actually have too many, but that's another go-round.) I have enough shoes - maybe, until my tennies wear out. I have enough random stuff - to the point where I have to buy better storage. I'm learning how to throw away stuff that is worn out or ripped. I now will actually throw out socks with holes, or underwear that's losing its elastic. I used to just stick it in a drawer for "repair", which I never did.

We have a stand mixer. I like homemade noodles, but I get tired trying to roll them. I got a pasta roller.

I made my first batch today.
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( Oct. 2nd, 2006 07:06 pm)
I scramble out of work today, figuring that people here at home have accomplished a lot, and are waiting for me to help....

What *was* I thinking!

Nada. Zero. Zip.

I cruised downstairs, to mutter and yell to myself (it doesn't do any good to yell at anyone else.) I had to rearrange half of the back yard to get *at* the laundry room (well, ok, it's a slight exxageration.) I nearly tripped while navigating the labyrinth of crap.

I finally got disgusted with the disorganization in the laundry room, and managed to *clear* 4 feet of counter space in the back area, and find my purple comforter that still needs washing. I'd have brought the stack of my clothes up, but I didn't have anything to carry them in, and even if I had, I wasn't sure I could get them *to* the fucking stairs.

Total rearrangement time: 30 minutes or so.
I swiped some time from publication yesterday to sit down and pay bills. I still have piles of drafts to clean up, plus a (not so) little list of tasks to get done.
Did my 15 minutes before bed last night. Hung up some more clothes, and unpacked a hardside case that had some stuff in it and put things away. Found my box o' crochet hooks.

After winter, I will be thinning my closet, I think. I'm about out of room.
Since I felt crappy yesterday, the only thing I did was re-arrange my bedding and put the mattress pad back where it belonged. Only 10 minutes. Still, it needed doing.
I did sort and put away some underwear last night, but it was after midnight, so I'm not quite sure which day it counts on.

I'm home with a cold today. Bleah.
Well, didn't really do 15 minutes today. The time I had set aside for it was eaten by troubleshooting a linux installation for [livejournal.com profile] datapard. OTOH, she did dishes while I was farking around with her borken X.org config. I may still sort some clothes before bed...
Well, did more than 15 minutes, but not by much. I had bought a six-shelf towel shelf for my bathroom earlier today. Rather than let it sit around waiting for "someone" to put it together, I did it, with help from [livejournal.com profile] datapard. Then I rounded up all of the clean towels I could see that were mine and put them on it. The dirty towels went into the hamper in the bathroom - I am willing to run my towels on hot, with bleach/oxyclean/borax, even though they're blue and black, but I can't put anything else in with them.

Although this has a [header], it's not on a filter. The post is public.

If this works, I'll consider making a community - but not until at least next month.
So, the hope/plan is to spend 15 minutes each day sorting, tidying, putting away, or cleaning up something. Any pile or box is fair game.

Today I hung up about 20 shirts and put away 2 pair of pants in my 15 minutes, plus threw a bit of paper into recycling.

This journal may get a bit dull for a while, while I track my "15 minutes" tasks. If people really mind, I'll do a filter.


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