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( Dec. 23rd, 2008 06:01 pm)
OK, so my sister is married to a religious right dittohead. But, she and her still remember what I enjoy. I received today, in the mail, the Star Trek PEZ dispenser Collector's Series.

Thanks Sis and small fry.

Now all you guys need to do is make an Amazon Wish List (or several) so I can send you stuff. No purchase required.
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( Dec. 1st, 2008 01:54 pm)
Yes, you. You know who you are (yes, Stan and Chris, I'm talking to you). Will you please, please set up an Amazon Wish List with what the kids want for Xmas and birthdays?! You don't need to give them any financial info, just an email address, a password to get into it, and a shipping address so I can ship gifts directly to you!! Oh, Mom, this goes for you too. The fun is, it doesn't show your address, just the City and State.

You don't even need to use your real names, in case you're worried about stalkers. Just send me an email letting me knolw which list is yours!!

You see, I am a Prime™ member, I pay $79 a year for all you can eat shipping. If I get you guys something from Amazon, I don't have to pack it, wrestle it to the shipper, or worry about it getting there. For example, my Wish List is here.

So, seriously, if you want me to be able to remember your birthdays and holidays, let me know what you want, and where I can have my vendor drop-ship your goodies to. You won't have to go to the Post Office, or any other stuff. Just make a wish list, make it public, and I can see what you are wanting.
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( Nov. 3rd, 2008 03:34 pm)
Obama's grandmother dies of cancer in Hawaii - the day before the election. He took time out to go see her in October - telling me where his priorities really lie. People had called him silly for doing it, but he put family first, before politics. I had actually hoped she would live to see him at least complete the run.

His going to see his grandmother reminded me of my last trip to see mine, for her 90th birthday. I knew it was going to be the last time I could see her while she was still compos mentis. I didn't have a doctor to tell me, I just knew. She died a few months later. With my other grandma, I missed a chance to see her, and a week later she was killed in a car wreck - I hadn't listened to my inner voice.

So, for those of you haven't voted early or absentee yet - please remember to vote. Then, you can have no regrets, no "shoulda, coulda, woulda".
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( Jun. 5th, 2006 03:41 pm)
So I stayed home sickish today - headache, body ache, and queasy. I've spent most of it sleeping. I usually hate taking off sick on Mondays, because that implies that I "overdid it" on the weekend. But the only thing that I overdid this weekend was heat. I want my A/C back - I don't deal with heat well any more.

The damn move is done on the Cupertino end - just a few final bills from utilities to deal with, and making sure COAs are done. The living room is still full of boxes, and the unpacking will probably take months, even with help. Moan.

Because of the move I totally missed the neice and nephews birthdays in May. Not unusual for me anyway, but I wish I was a better correspondant.

Bleah. Email and back to bed.
My step-father, Bill, passed away today after a long illness. Again, his death was expected, and he lived far longer than the doctors anticipated, partly due to the persistant advocacy and care of my mother.

Bill was also a Lion, and by trade a carpenter. He had several kids from a previous marriage, and he made my mom happy.

So I'll tip a glass this New Year's to Bill. Rest in peace, you've led a full life, and made a difference in someone else's.
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( Dec. 27th, 2005 01:25 pm)
I'm sick. I came down with the sinus drip/cough thing Friday night, and it isn't gone yet. This, of course, made sleeping 'interesting', or at least very broken. Apparently allergies make this crap worse, too.

Giftmas with Dad, Sister, and co went fine. My "fix" for his computer problem actually surprised him. My neice and nephews were all very happy with their bears and Leggo bonanza. I gave my sis and her hubby each some Book Darts, since my family tends to be book junkies. The home-made soap went over well with people who understood what they were getting (my sister doesn't... yet.)

I got a gorgeous dragon with a crystal ball light from my Dad and his wife, plus miscellaneous goodies from the sister and their kids (like gourmet coffee.... yum!) I set up my dad's new computer, and made sure that he could access that and his new email address.

A pretty good weekend, but damn I'm tired today.
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( Dec. 11th, 2005 08:43 pm)
... does the fact that's it's a family member that I disagree with mean that I mustn't make it public?
... does the fact that I have a different religion and lifestyle mean I must be silent about it, and not object when it is attacked?
... does the fact that I am in a minority mean that I must be humble and quiet about it, while a different strident minority of a majority religion is allowed to spend milllions pushing their views into the public sphere?
... is wanting equal treatment under the law "special rights"?
... does objecting to false and ignorant assertions by someone constitute a "vicious personal attack"?

Get this: If my kinsman can blog about the "evils" of homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, anti-war sentiment, removing "under god" from the pledge, ad nauseum, I can (and will) blog about what I find wrong with his spew, and how disappointed I am that he advocates such hurtful and mean spirited views.

I don't ask anyone to bless it. After all, he did not ask my permission to write his screeds against me and my friends. Why should I forbear in writing against it? Since when do I owe him any more (or less) courtesy and tolerance in my writings than he shows for me and mine? After all, doesn't everyone like to be labelled as mentally ill by their own kin? (Yes, he's one of those.) Would you be "tolerant" of someone who wanted to treat you like you were insane because you have a different worldview and lifestyle? I think not.

Gods, I am disappointed and disgusted. Happy holidays. My own family supports institutionalized hatred and subjugation of me and mine, and then viciously criticizes me and tries to guilt trip me for objecting. Can't you feel the love??
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( Dec. 9th, 2005 01:34 pm)
My brother-in-law is a right-wing religious pundit, with all of the bigotries that come with it. I am horrified and sad that a member of my own (extended) family is an intolerant spewer of pseudo-Christian rhetoric. He's anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-"under god", pro-war, pro-Christian (only) school prayer, and probably a Dominionist besides. His job is as an editor for the religious reich rag Christianity Today.

I could handle it if he was just conservative. You know, a genuine conservative, not a neo-con theocrat. But he's not.

I hate confrontation, believe it or not. But I've still asked my dad if I can bring [livejournal.com profile] datapard to the family holiday celebration. She's been living with me for over 15 years, and although we are not sexual with each other (we're both somewhat asexual), she is listed as my domestic partner for my insurance. I think it's time that my brother-in-law met the other side. It probably won't make a difference, but I can hope.

In other news, I started another blog on blogger, Another Ravan Perch. I had to have a log in to comment, so I figure what's one more spewing point? No one will read it anyway, but that's ok.

Now I need to find a good translation from original texts of the story of Sodom and Gemorrah. You see, it occured to me that their crime was not anal sex, but violent rape of strangers and violation of basic hospitality as a practice - both of which would be anathema in a desert society! Yes, sodomy really means "violent rape of strangers", IMO, and as such is a bad thing.
I got the call this morning. My grandmother, who turned 90 this last summer, has died.

It was expected - she was diabetic, had osteoporesis, was a bit negligent on blood sugar management (mostly because she didn't want to be obsessive about it), and had taken a fall a while back and broken her hip. She had started to have internal stomach/GI issues, too. During the last month or so she went from mostly compos mentis to composT mentis. It was swift, once it really started to happen.

I got to see her last summer, while she was still mostly here, and I knew it would be the last time, even as I hoped I was mistaken. She is the family member I most take after, she and my late grandfather (her husband.)

So I hoist a virtual glass in commemoration of my grandmother, and the long, full life she led. She was stubborn, proud, a Silver Haired legislater, a Lion (Lyon?) and a rabble-rousing organiser. She took crap from nobody. My kind of gal, and I'm proud to have her as one of my ancestors.


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