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( Apr. 9th, 2008 01:57 pm)
With recession looming large, I think it's time to review the magical job search.

1) When using magic in a job hunt, you don't just sit at home and cast spells. The magic has to have something to work on.

The key is your resume. Write your resume in a meditative state, focusing on who you are, what skills you have to offer, and what you want in return. Infuse the words with that "perfect job match" energy. The clear visualization of what you want in a job, both standard and intangible, will be an anchor for your job search, and will be what all the rest of your efforts hook into.

Write your cover letters and emails the same way. Do your homework, visualize working at that type of job. You can put energy into email - do it. You wanbt to load it, and the attached resume, with a "I can do this well" type of energy.

When you get a phone screen, visualize yourself working for or with the person. Smile, even on the phone. Mentally reach out and meet them. Don't try to control them, that can backfire very nastily.

When you go for an interview, plan to arrive early. When you get ready, put on your clothes like you were going to a ritual - get in the working mindspace. When you get there, spend a few minutes in meditation, reviewing your skills, your desire for the job, your willingness to work, your competence, and work your magic on yourself to make yourself a successful candidate in everyone's eyes.

2) Use your magic to bring job leads your way.

Your intuition and divination will help you find the right people who know the right people to open the doors so you can wow them with your magical resume.

Yes, spells to attract "people who need what you have to offer" will help find those contacts. Enchanted business cards, set to gravitate to people who need your skills, are handy.

Keeping a good list of contacts is helpful. You do it for your pagan network, do it for your work too. You might be surprised at the overlap.

3) Be a job nexus.

I actually try to keep track of who is looking for what kind of work among my pagan and fannish friends. I will refer people to headhunters who contact me with something that is not up my alley, but is up someone theirs.

This in its own way is a form of contagion magic - the more a concept of "person X is looking for Y kind of work" is out there, the more it gains momentum. It's like viral marketing with a magical component.

4) If you are unemployed, use magical practices to help your financial discipline.

Concentration, will, focus, planning - we use all of these magically, now it's time to use them to help manage our funds, and to attract good financial luck. Yes, we should use these all the time, but it's especially important when out of work.

Affirmations and rituals for work and money also help to ease the anxiety involved. Alone, they don't solve the problem, you still have to actually look for work. However, they do help focus on saving money and finding work, and give you the knowledge that you are using *all* of your resources to solve the problem.

Note: I do not mention deities, or specific rituals here. That is up to each individual and their magical/religious practice. YMMV, of c ourse.
Friday night, about 30 of us were all crowded into the Asatru Hospitality Suite. No windows were open, of course - it was a bit chilly outside. You people sat in there, oblivious, while your child ran around and coughed... and coughed... and was cranky... and coughed more. By the time I realized that it was just one child doing the coughing, not covering her mouth, it was too late.

I now know that cough very well. It hit me last night. I'm missing work because you weren't considerate enough of your kid and your fellow heathens to put the kid to bed. Lots of people, small hotel room (not a big suite), and a kid who hasn't been taught to cover her damned mouth when she coughs.

I don't blame the kid. She couldn't not cough. This shit is that kind of nasty. I blame you, for siting around for well over an hour neglecting to make her comfortable in bed and infecting the rest of us. You guys finally started talking about taking her back to the room to check her temperature when I left. Not doing it, mind you, just talking about it and whining about how having a kid is hard.

You people are rude, and you care more for your own social satisfaction and ego (oooh, looky at me and my kid) than for the health of your kid and your fellow heathens and pagans.

Fuck you. If I could carve this on a nithstang and not risk her getting caught in the fallout of my curse, I would.

P.S. If the sick, coughing person had been adult, they would have been offered cough drops and help back to their room, because they were miserable. But people won't interfere with parenting. So it's your fault, not the kids. That's what guardianship of your child means.
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( May. 6th, 2007 04:35 pm)
The more I hear about the current generation, the more I want to smack them. Parent makes agreement with other adults. Grown kid of parent comes along and arbitrarily changes agreement, and is snotty too.

Speaking of generations, and communities, what the fuck is it with the Bay Area pagan/heathen community that makes them still only pay lip service to the concept of community? I mean, fuck, community means sharing the hard stuff too, not just the fun stuff that you go to for a social life or entertainment!

For over 25 years, I've never seen more than a handful of the around a thousand pagans in this area actually pitch in and help out when a regular, involved person needs real help. Oh, they'll work a spell, or some equally half-assed thing, but they won't actually "work" unless they get some sort of benefit or ego-boo out of it. But unless there's drama, glory, of some other such, they expect the person to silently solve their pressing need and continue to "serve" the community as well!

When a previously able-bodied person ends up disabled, they cluck, cluck, make sympathetic noises, send "healing" for a little while, and then leave the person in the dust. Rides, accessibility, helping with PT, cooking, shopping, all that? Too much trouble, too busy, this is where we've "always" held events. Then they wonder where so-and-so "went".

If a person is gravely ill but not quite dying yet, they won't even do caretaker relief!! Oh, they'll show up for the rituals and ceremonies involved with passing, but heaven forfend they'll actually be available when the slow decline is happening. If you really cared about the person, wouldn't you interrupt your busy speaking, teaching and mouthpiece of the gods schedule to come see your old friend while they were still lucid? I know it's easier to do a short ritual, but could you at least have tried?

You want to serve your community? Then be there, not just for the fun, but for the work, the support, and the pain, too. Stop letting your rituals, ceremonies and accumulation of woo points get in the way of helping your friends and chosen spirit kin. If you become an example to the younger generation, they just might be there for you when you are ill, disabled, needing help, needing company.

Otherwise, what good are you to the gods, if you won't even help your own among the living??
It has come up on various lists and groups I'm in or close to: "bunny hunting".

What do I see it as? A way for the community to make life uncomfortable for malicious people - sexual predators, cult leaders (and wannabes), street drug pushers, plagiarists, and abusive trolls who try to play divide and destroy. A lot of the tools these malicious types use are the fluffy stuff - candy coated feel good crap to draw in victims. They set up sticky nests, trying to gather in credulous targets, or they invade healthy groups of seekers and practitioners to troll and sew dissent and hate with lies, twisting of teachings, or just plain abuse.

I "hunt" these bottom feeders, and try to minimize their effect where I can. You have a problem with that? Too bad. If you armchair net-pshrink diagnose me as having some sort of "complex" for it, I will add you to my list of idiots to ignore.

If you want to believe whatever $ilverRavingFluff writes, fine. I'll laugh, and tell you where I think she's full of shit. If you have a "coven" based on her books, so what? I'll just shake my head. But if you try to recruit people into your coven so you can score some "hot magick sexx" while telling them that "the goddess wants you to get laid by everyone in circle", I have a problem with you.

If you join a group with bad information, and put your foot in it a few times, hey, it happens to all of us. No big deal, you learn and go on. But if you join a group and spread lies, malicious gossip, and are always attacking what the group stands for, then you are an abusive troll, and I will try to be rid of you.

If you quote, attribute, and discuss someone else's writings, I'll read, and maybe even link - it's fair use. If you lift it wholesale without permission or even attribution, I'll be contacting the original author.

And so on. When fluffy behavior is used to abuse, deceive or steal from people, then you are a toxic bunny - a pest, even a predator - then I will try to stop you. Else, my silence would equal assent to your misconduct (if I know about it.)

But if the person is only ignorant, or under-informed, then I will try to help them find better information, and even help them sort out the bewildering array of actual traditions out there that are not just "eclectic wicca" and find what's right for them. That is like hunting with a camera.
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( Nov. 18th, 2006 01:34 am)
BTW, I do have other web "presences":

Blog: http://ravanoid.blogspot.com/ - mostly politics and religion stuff
Main Web Site: http://www.rahul.net/rasteris/ - personal, initially set up by a friend of mine for me, now I maintain it. It has some of my essays and stuff on it.
Trad Web Site: http://diamond.asteris.org/ - both trad specific stuff and beginner's clues here.
So, in the past weeks I've been trying to do research on European shamanism - both celtic and norse. I've read web pages by supposed scholars, and excerpts and reviews of books available on Amazon. I'm still trying to weed out the crapiest ones before I start buying books.

There is little that hasn't been tainted by either Christianized interpretation, or pseudofeminist neopagan wishful thinking and cultural syncretism. I swear, I get more valid and valuable information out of my own UPG and practical experience. No frills, no cultural appropriation, just what works.

I realize I'm fortunate - I don't have to go through a huge song and dance to reach "elsewhere". For me, it's like flipping the mirror on your car at night - flip, and there it is, there I am.

I don't have to go around to the barrows of the dead to look at the future that may be, in all of it's twisty probabilities and permutations. I look at it directly, as a matrix of events, lives, choices, natural phenomena, and energies. I can even try to show sections of it to others. I've been able to do it for at least 20 years, with my ability to interpret getting better all the while.

So, it has occured to me to try and write up the concepts and methods that I use, used to learn this stuff, and why and where it came from. I already have a list of terms that need defining, that once defined and understood, encompass 90% of what I do in a shamanic context.

My challenge is to "map" these terms against European shamanic/religious terminology, and maybe a bit of "modern" psychology of religion. Should I even bother? Probably, lest some twit think I'm some sort of IRAB Plastic Shaman. But man, the bibliography is going to be a bitch.

Do you think anyone would want to publish my drivel?
As [livejournal.com profile] ertla pointed out, There is no such thing as an ability to divide the population neatly into "healthy" and "unhealty", "mature" and "immature", "moral" and "immoral". ... or "functional" vs "dysfunctional". Especially in terms of total personal traits, it isn't black and white, it isn't binary. Read more... )


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