Tenth Foxconn Worker Kills Himself

Foxconn "Suicide Cluster" Claims Another Victim - #9.

Undercover Report From Foxconn's Hell Factory

Yes, FoxConn, the libertarian idea of a workers paradise.

Do you really need that Chinese made gadget? How much blood and suffering has bought it?
Chinese workers poisoned while making your latest gadget.

Yeah. Apple has a "code" for it's vendors and subcontractors, but it's routinely breached:
But a spokeswoman pointed to Apple's code of conduct, which sets strict requirements for working and environmental practices.

Apple's 2010 audit shows that manufacturers are routinely breaching the code. Most - 54 per cent - broke the 60-hour weekly work limit more than half the time. Another 39 per cent failed to meet occupational injury prevention requirements; 17 per cent failed on chemical exposure standards; and 35 per cent did not meet wage and benefits requirements, with 24 of the 102 factories paying less than the minimum wage.

Three facilities used underage workers and three had falsified records. Apple said it terminated the contract in one of the cases, and required suppliers to make improvements and submit to reviews following other breaches.
54% breach the code, but Apple still hires them, they only fired one, let the others brush it under the rug.

Now, to be sure, every other electronics manufacturer who outsources to Asia does the same crappy shit. But they don't claim to be the latest, greatest "must have" gadget cum fashion accessory for the well equipped techno yuppie made by an environmentally conscious firm. And they aren't twice as expensive for the same cheap, fragile shit. Every other iPhone I see has had a broken or cracked shell or screen.

Do we really need this?


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