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I put "how to do things" stuff on computers and make them start up again. Sometimes I do this to lots of computers at a time. I fix broken stuff on lots of computers, by one or many. I look at something that tells me what is broken on my computers, and fix them fast, or call someone else to fix it in a hurry. Then I write "how to" papers for the things I do so other people can do it the same and not do it wrong. Some days I do this for 12 hours at a time.
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( Oct. 4th, 2011 11:29 am)
If you cause my phone to detonate at 06:30 my time, I will probably not answer it. At least you had better hope I can't claw the mask from my face and fumble for the phone fast enough, because you'll get an earful. Civilized people don't call a residence before 8 am local unless by prior arrangement.

When you leave me a semi-incomprehensible message? Don't expect a return call, you wouldn't like it if I called you back.

- The now very, VERY cranky person you woke up 2 hours too early after she got to bed at 3:30 am.

Fucker. I actually was sleeping, well, and he ruined it.
A guy started "Rural America Onshore Outsourcing

Yeah, they pay less then the cities do, but rents are cheaper too...

People are finally leveraging our infrastructure and education. Too bad the GOP wants to fritter it all away in the name of "don't tax me, it's MY money" (that they made because of the infrastructure paid for by others before them...)
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( Nov. 26th, 2008 10:51 am)
Sometime in January, I want to change jobs. If you know of companies that will be hiring in that time-frame, let me know, and I'll point you to my resume. This post is public for a reason.

My desires in a new job are as follows:

Salary: $95+, plus ? Prefer $100K (I'm only making $88K plus whatever stock I get now. Last year I reported $100K, but the extra was all paper.) My tax bracket is that of a SINK, my expenses are those of a head of household.

Benefits: Need DP benefits, regular employment. No Kaiser, reasonable cost share.

Location: SF Bay Area, sane commute by car or train. No multi-system transfers and long walking - I'm a gimp.

Company: No flash-in-the-pan or quarterly profit focused meatgrinders. Serious five year plans, even though they might change, are good to have.

Duties/Environment (the really important stuff):
* Linux/Unix systems engineering, maybe some Mac stuff too.
* No %&^#%& Windows support duties. I'll use it if I have to, but I won't support Windows, MS Office, IIS, AD or other Windows software. Nevermore, Quothe the Ravan. No lusers, please.
* Congenial team who actually communicates - no prima donnas or cowboys
* Low politics - I want to work, not play ego games
* Responsibilities for systems must be coupled with control and authority to change systems. I won't be responsible for stuff I can't get root access to, period.
* I like building and tweaking things. I want time to do it right, not be condemned to do it over.
* Work/life balance - I'll do the occasional weekend or marathon week, but not all the time. Life's to short to spend all of it at work.
* Company that treats its employees (and customers) like adults, not children who need to be watched, monitored, measured and controlled. I will not participate in establishing or maintaining web filtering, email filtering/snooping, draconian DRM, or any form of spamming type marketing. This is not negotiable. All of these may be "legal", but don't pass my ethics test.

Nice to have (the more match, the happier I am):
* Work from home days. Sure, I'll do on-call, but it would be really nice if I could use my own Linux box to log in, rather than have to wank with a Windows laptop. RSA keys make for nice OTP generators.
* Cell phone and broadband assistance. Seriously, if you want me to be able to log in from home, or get email anywhere, you need to pony up the money, and buy me a crackberry.
* Commuter benefits and shuttles - if I need to take the train, give me a Go Pass and a lift from the train station if it's over a block or two away.
* Company needs to allow work on Open Source projects without "mother may I" hoops to jump through just to do documentation and low-level stuff.
* Charitable matching - I have a pet 501(c)3 - educational - that gets lots of my money. I should be able to hit the company up for donations.
* Hire me for a senior or leadership role, please. I'm really wanting to get into management. I believe I've got the people skills to do it, even if I may seem a bit gruff and irritable.

My job needs are informed by getting burned, and burned out, at several companies. If you think they're excessive, I would remind you that I've actually had health problems from craptastic jobs, and I can't afford it any more. I have to look out for number one, because no one else will.


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