This is why I will never have that surgery (from another blog about something else, names removed):
Three years earlier D had gastric-bypass surgery after which she lost an extraordinary amount of weight. By 2008 she needed a skin-reduction operation. In August D went back into the hospital for that surgery. Within a few days of the operation she became terribly ill. Her intestines had unexpectedly twisted causing her to become septic. Eight days later she was gone.
This woman's daughter had been bullied about her mother's weight. Not her own, her mother's weight. After she committed suicide over this and other bullying, her mother, D, got the bypass surgery. Three years later she was dead from complications. So now there were two casualties from the fat-shaming.

Gastric bypass is major, life threatening surgery. It can kill you just as dead as committing suicide from bullying. It's elective, no matter how much your doctor bullies you into it. No matter how much supposedly well meaning friends and family try to bully you into it.

What bypass pushers are saying is they would rather see you dead than "fat".

Fuck that.

Yes, it's your choice, but the fact is that it can kill you earlier than any supposed "complications of obesity". Sure, people get lucky, for a while, then 3 or more years later can die anyway. It also causes severe malnutrition and calcium leaching.

Ask yourself this: Is living up to society's expectation for a trim appearance worth dying for, worth leaving your family desolate and grieving? Is being fashionable worth your life?

Then make your choice.

P.S.: I know some of my friends who read this have had the surgery. Since it's your body, it's your choice. However, I can't agree with you on it. I'll support you in doing what you wish, but a part of me cries at the risk and the waste. I don't want to attend your funeral because of fashion.
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( Jan. 20th, 2009 01:35 pm)
Vegas man accused of chaining daughter to bed for being overweight

He felt she was overweight. So he beats her, locks the fridge and the pantry, then chains her to the bed for supposedly sneaking food into her room. I bet he drinks a six-pack a day, along with cheap junk and such.

* If a kid feels that she (and it's usually a girl) has to "steal" food from the pantry or sneak food into her room, then her parents have failed, and she will have issues around food for life.
* When parents are obsessed with diets and weight, both theirs and hers, and pass over what she eats for "how much" they think she eats, the kid will lose, and end up both fat and malnourished.
* When parents put kids on diets and "systems" because the parents themselves are fat and they control the food in the house, then the parents cheat while ignoring the hunger of the kids? Kiss that kid's health, self esteem and good relationship with food goodbye.

When a kid is a teenager, the time for enforced diets and teaching healthy eating by parental dictate is long gone. No matter what they try, if the teen doesn't buy in, it will backfire, and make things worse.
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( Jul. 13th, 2006 01:28 pm)
This is a rant, about food, diets, advertisements, stupidity and lies. Do not read if any of these are triggering.
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