For several years I've been doing the predictions thing every January, and a retrospective on the year previous.

I probably won't do a full one this year. Too much fuckery going on, the economy sort of gets better, but not for a lot of folks in red states, rights in general take a hit from ALEC driven GOP legislators, again mostly in red states, but any bill coming out of the US House is also infected with degenerate neo-Republicanism.

I want real conservatives back, not these jackass, Koch fellating, teabagging, randroid narcissistic dominionists that rule the current GOP. They started cropping up during Reagan, and PNAC, and every year have doubled down on the nuttiness. I want conservatives who care more about their country than sucking up to Grover Norquist, Rush Limbaugh, the Koch brothers, the Religious Right, et al. Is that too much to ask?
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They're long Extinct.Today, the term means Conserving the Power that the Christian religion and the Wealthiest(showing their Worth as YHVH's Chosen by having the most money, His counter for Spiritual Worth), not Values, Culture or Honor.
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Is that too much to ask?

Probably. The problem is that the fundamentalist mindset (i.e. "the reason people aren't rallying to our cause is because we haven't been conservative ENOUGH!") has taken over the Republican Party. Barry Goldwater (a politician whom I disliked but respected,) and Everett Dirksen would have a VERY hard time being accepted as "real" Republicans these days.

But fear not. The current Republican demographic is dying off at about 2% every election cycle, and the party will soon be reduced to irrelevancy. At which point there will be a vacancy for a new conservative movement which might value the effective governance of the nation more than ideology.


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