So, the abscess didn't drain. For 3 days after the first dentist visit, I was hopped up on vicodin, which barely took the edge off. Back to the dentist, he checked, did some other work, referred me to a root canal specialist. Saw him yesterday. He re-did the root canal, got the thing to drain. More $$$, of course.

Nearly every cent of my FSA set aside this year has been spent on dental work, and that's with insurance! (Insurance only covers $1500 of costs, at 50% to 80% - that barely covers one crown here in Silicon Valley!) That's like over $3000 for a couple hours work.

I'm not sure which hurts more - the abscess or the cashectomy. Pulling the tooth would have been cheaper, but then I would have needed a bridge, which costs even more!
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Gods. I am sorry. At least I hope it will now soon stop hurting!
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Much sympathy and Energy your way. Chuck has both bad teeth and no Insurance either. Added to injury, Medicare(which he'll be elegible for in a yr and a half) no longer has it's "pull'm all and we'll pay 4m" clause so he can't even go for the full dentures. His upper bridge is 20 yrs old and was made when there were 5 more teeth in his upper palate.
We keep trying to convince the family to give him choppers instead of us going on family vactions with everyone but they think we're Joking....


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