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([personal profile] ravan Mar. 21st, 2012 12:18 am)
You've probably heard, if you are paying attention, about the murder of Trayvon Martin. Oh, the cops are calling it "self defense" and letting his murderer walk free. It's in that racist cesspit Florida, after all.

Now go read this: The Crime of Being Black: Trayvon Martin and the Everyday Reality of Racist Violence in America

Think about this the next time you get twitchy about seeing a black or latino teenager just meandering down the street. He's just a kid, with as much right to walk around in public as any adult. Wearing a hoodie, hood up or down, isn't a fucking criminal act, damnit.

Hell, if you meet a kid wandering down the street, meet his eye, smile, say hi or wave. He's your neighbor, and has a right to be there, just like you.
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Sometimes that method doesn't work out so well. I stopped myself from crossing the street in two situations like you presented, chiding myself for my "Internalized Racism". Both times ended up with me Bleeding and Robbed. The 2nd time, a Middleaged Black man who watched the whole thing(who BTW didn't even help me up, bleeding from mult sources)said, "Kids...." and walked on.
I live by the Havamal nowadays and would NEVER give ANYONE a freepass because of their Ethnicity....I watch EVERYONE.
Patrick Thomas Duffy
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That's my point. I treated them differently BECAUSE of their Ethnicity and paid the price. I learned my lesson...


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