To San Jose! If you live or work in San Jose, California, you are eligible to Move Your Money out of a big greedy bank into the San Jose Credit Union (I bank there, I like them).

"SPECIAL SATURDAY HOURS: The Credit Union (both branches) will be open Saturday, November 5th from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m."

No, they usually aren't open on Saturday, but they will be on November 5.

If you are local, it would be a great opportunity to get shed of your greedy bloodsucking corporate bank, and get into a customer owned Credit Union.

Heck, a lot of the city cops bank there.
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From: [personal profile] arlie

*sigh* I'm presently with a credit union that seems determined to emulate Wells Fargo. I told them I was looking to switch to a credit union like the one I joined almost 2 decades ago... i.e. them, before they decided bigger was better. But I neither work nor live in San Jose, just rather nearby.

From: [personal profile] exus_child

just wanted to say ..

thank you for your kindness and compassion the other day.

it meant a lot..
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From: [personal profile] fionnulaharp

Unfortunately, I do not live in Santa Fe, but I have belonged to one credit union or another since my mid-20s. The only dealings with "banks" I have is to pay my mortgage. (No choice in that -- my loan was sold almost as soon as the papers were signed.)


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