PSA: An LJ blogger I follow recently posted an excellent guide on this subject that needs to be spread more widely:
Foodstamps 101

Even if you don't need it now, put it in your memories, you or someone you know may need it in the future.

There are more Americans living with food insecurity and hunger than in the past 50+ years. The local talk radio station just had a fundraiser day for food banks, the need is so great. This is a consequence of the Great Recession, and not likely to go away soon.
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Unfortunately, different states have different ideas of who is "needy". Here in Florida, if you're male, it's around 600.00 a yr income. My Disability brings in a bit more than that. Then there's the funky bit where a GLBT partner's income is classified as household income but isn't as a member as even a non-married Het couple would. Most of the assistance orgs follow the same system of discrimination.'Course, thanks to Shrub the folks running them are Christian Faith-Based Charities. There's nothing more Ironic than having a Catholic Charities or Lutheran Services dweb lecture you about "Right Behavior" before helping you with your Power bill....
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I was on food stamps three different times, back in the late '80s / early '90s. I shudder to think, really, what it would be like to have to be on welfare again, these days.

At least there was General Assistance, back then. It wasn't much, but it would keep a flophouse roof over your head. Now....


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