I can't say that I didn't see this shit coming. The brownshirts just haven't picked their uniform yet.

From my predictions on terror:
The biggest terrorist acts in the US will be from home-grown, non-Muslim, right-wing radicals, and will be virtually ignored or downplayed by the corporate media as "lone wolf acts". Those who do investigate will find that some elected government officials are involved, but they will be shouted down as "conspiracy theorists" or "engaging in character assassination".
This is not the first (the Tiller assassin was a right wing terrorist, downplayed by the media as a "lone crank"). It won't be the last, unfortunately. Not until we as a nation get a spine and start indicting people who advocate "reload"ing, "locked and loaded" and "dead liberals" under sedition laws.

If Palin, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Bachmann and their ilk were Muslim, they would be in Gitmo right now. But they're not, they're "Christian", and they wave the US flag and Christian Cross. So they get a pass from the corporate media, our law enforcement, and our society. That's Christian privilege. So is the fact that a gunman following their exhortations is described as a "lone nut", but if a Muslim (or anything else) advocated the same crap, and someone followed through, the whole race or religion would be tarred with the same brush (like what bigots say about the mythical "new black panthers".)

Welcome to fascism, people. It's here. I'm just waiting for our Kristallnacht. This isn't even it, BTW, but it's getting there.
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From: [personal profile] elf

Someone on Twitter pointed out that if this had been a school shooting, the person who posted the map would be in custody by now.
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From: [personal profile] moondancer

Oh, absolutely; there's no question of that.
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But since it was "America's Sweetheart"....
The only good Her show has done is open the Eyes of a few of my friends when they see her complete lack of experience showing in Hunting and Fishing...giving them at least some "Clue" that not all that drops from her lips is Truth(tm,pat-pending).
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From: [personal profile] mdehners

What got me yesterday was one of the Conservative Heathens I knew blew the whole martial/hunting BS previously at her off as "just words". An Oath is "just words"....
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And they're trying to dump the blame off onto anyone and anything that they think the public will swallow. "It wasn't us, it was crazy people. Blame them." "He had a skull on top of a flower pot, at his house. Obviously, there's a sinister occult tie-in behind it!"

And most folks just pooh-pooh it, and claim we've nothing to worry about; the government has protections built-in to prevent this sort of thing, so there's no need to worry about it at all....

Meanwhile, the crowd advocating armed revolution and secession are forgetting that the last time the US tried one of those (Civil War, anyone?) it didn't go so well....


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