For The "Crime" Of Being Old And Gay

Read the article, then read the pdf of the legal complaint, that is even more shocking.

I want to know why the fucking defendants aren't in fucking jail...

Oh, wait, that's right... THEY WERE EMPLOYEES OF SONOMA COUNTY!!! They were just following orders doing their jobs, right?

But hey, gays in California have all the rights that straights do, really - the Catholics and the Mormons said so!

Except when it fucking counts - when we're old or helpless, when the homophobic bigots are the government officials supposed to help. Then gay is the new nigger.

Why aren't there any mainstream stories on this shit? Why is the press paying attention to that failure Palin and the shit she spews? Oh, yeah, that right - the "liberal" media is actually corporate owned right wing propaganda now.
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From: [personal profile] weofodthignen

Thanks for publicizing this. I was so shocked I could only think of one person to send it to. The more posts to come up on Google, the better.

Along with the Florida cruise ship death, this puts the last nail in the coffin of the argument that all gay couples need is lawyer papers.

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