So, we moved in to this nice mixed neighborhood in San Jose, just south of Japantown. Well, it lacks one thing: other fans! Please, give me some fannish neighbors!

The apartment complex next door has a two bedroom apartment up for rent. While the people in there are not the quietest people on earth by a long shot, the people in the victorian next door are. I don't know how much they want for rent, but it can't be too much - it has no pool or other frippery. If you like trains it's a plus!

The coolest thing is that this location is about halfway between the DoubleTree Hotel and the San Jose Convention Center. It's only a 5 block walk (short blocks at that) to the Japantown light rail station, and there is sushi within walking distance too.

Are you interested? Call (408) 294-3210 - they have a message machine, so leave a message.
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