You know, I really try to respect other folks plans and schedules. I will cut stuff short so I can be where I need to be to allow for other people's arrangements, and try to be as flexible as I can. But some others can't be bothered to extend the same courtesy to me.

I'm going to get a ticket from the city, and have to pay extra to get my yard waste dealt with, because someone didn't get the able-bodied person in my house home from a party before dark today, in spite of telling me that they'd be back in the early afternoon. They didn't get back until 9pm. Trash pick-up is at 6am tomorrow. I'm screwed. I don't know how much it'll cost me, but it's money I can't afford. Not with my utility bills going up (new account, no rate reduction or medical baseline.)

This is the second time just this month that this person has dicked me and my helper over with this type of thing. I'm fucking furious.
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